Sheet Lead Specialists

Grange started out as a specialist roofing company over 30 years ago and has evolved to specialise in all aspects of exterior decoration, renovation and refurbishment. Our expertise and experience of working with lead, zinc and copper means we are widely recognised by a number of professional bodies, trade associations and product manufacturers within our industry.

Our background in roofing means we are experienced in identifying the often non-obvious, causes of water ingress, which can save clients money by reducing the need for unnecessary investigative works.

Grange only employs skilled and enthusiastic craftsmen who maintain the highest standards and share our passion for preserving the integrity and splendor of our city’s unique and historic architecture. Be it a semi in suburbia, a London mews cottage, mansion block, historic building or a commercial property, we take time to understand our clients’ objectives and can draw on our expertise and many years of experience to ensure they are delighted with the finished project.

Sheet Lead Work

Lead is often used to form lead flashings or to cover entire roofs. If correctly installed, Lead is a traditional, long-lasting and trusted method for stopping and preventing water ingress. As well as being decorative, lead sheeting is used to protect stonework, particularly on older buildings where stonework has become porous.

Tried and tested with a lifespan of up to a hundred years Lead is one of the oldest materials used for roofing and cladding.

Environmentally desirable, Lead has proven to be one of the greenest building materials available on the market today. For the first time, it is now in the BRE Guide, an accredited environmental scheme for buildings, and is described as the ‘new’ eco material. It has a low carbon footprint, is 100% recycle-able and can be used repeatedly without any loss of performance, therefore eliminating costly disposal at landfill sites.

Often planning conditions dictate that the replacement of traditional materials, such as Lead, must be with like for like. Being specialists in this field means we are familiar with the necessary requirements and specifications needed to satisfy building regulations.

All our new lead work carries a 25-year warranty.

Sheet Copper / Zinc

Sheet copper and zinc are often used to replace original details on traditional buildings and are perfect for ornamental façades or cladding detail. These materials can also be used in a modern setting, satisfying the current trend for a contemporary yet traditional look.

Zinc is available in natural or pre-weathered finishes to suit the design of your project.

Copper develops a pale green colour when weathered, this so called ‘patina’ effect develops over time due to a chemical reaction.

Eco friendly and also 100% recycle-able, copper and zinc offer a low maintenance and long lasting option.

Liquid Rubber

Grange operatives are manufacturer approved and experienced installers of the liquid waterproofing system ‘Liquid Rubber’.

This revolutionary waterproofing technique can be used to overlay virtually any material including asbestos and metal roofs and can even be applied to vertical areas.

Liquid Rubber’s ‘Rapid Roof’ offers a choice of colour finishes making it ideal for balconies and staircases. Liquid Rubber is an extremely cost effective waterproofing method, especially on larger areas where, due to a pump system delivery and fast application methods, substantial savings can be made on the cost of scaffolding and plant hire.

Apart from cost savings, the benefits of Liquid Rubber’s spray-on system include: fast setting times, low odour and non-flammability, making it particularly suitable for residential blocks, offices, schools, hospitals, museums and generally any commercial or public building.

Life expectancy is 50 years and new membrane systems carry a 25-year manufacturer guarantee.